Paul Aroyo(non-registered)
Love your work!
David Perez(non-registered)
Your work gives me a sense of dream states.
Jean Shultz(non-registered)
Enjoying your work, as always. Great website.
Isabelle Sylvoz(non-registered)
Love your words and your photography. You inspiring me to work on my words.
Jerry Kotler(non-registered)
Beautiful work Beth. Haven't seen most of these before.
Lisa Chakrabarti(non-registered)
Polished website and an enchanting collection.
Mike Ray(non-registered)
Hi Beth,
Visiting your web page and enjoying your images - they are equally moving and inspiring.
‘Shady Spot by the Steps’ was my favorite, followed by ‘Basking in Reflected Light’.
Joseph Hollingsworth(non-registered)
Hi Beth,
We were introduced by Candy Paula at TAG'S Gallery of Fine Art Exhibition, this past Saturday.
I really enjoyed looking at your work on your web site.
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